Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail

Located at 293 Gran Ellen Dr, Athens, GA 30606, is the Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail. No matter where you live, it can take some work finding a place that’s perfect for learning or connecting with nature. For residents local to Athens Georgia, there might not be a better option than the Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail. This zoo features a variety of animals that range from slightly exotic to more common species that are non-releasable for a variety of reasons. The clean atmosphere and variety of animals has made this a popular spot for nature and animal lovers alike: here’s everything you need to know about it.

Athens GA Wildlife Trail

Enjoying some healthy fresh air while finding something interesting to do can be a challenge. After a while of living somewhere like Athens GA, parks and local landmarks can start to become stale. An often forgotten option for a fun afternoon trip is going to a zoo, like the Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail. For many individuals accustomed to urban and suburban life, getting a chance to see dangerous animals like bears and alligators up close is an exciting prospect. Adults may enjoy the chance to photograph such animals in a safe environment, while kids will also get a good chance to learn more about the world around them.

However, before you plan a trip, is the Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail a place worth visiting? Fortunately, there’s plenty of reviews from Athens Georgia locals who’ve visited the location. The consensus from these reviewers is very positive, and there’s a variety of reasons they like the zoo so much. One reason is that admission is free, so for a quick visit to a small park, you don’t have much to lose. The animals are also well taken care of, and the park is an overall solid presentation. When you finish your visit, there’s a popular and clean picnic area that can act as a solid place to finish your visit with some food.

Great Place in Athens GA

Some reviewers had their issues with the zoo, however. One visitor stated that the pool and shower area were especially dirty during their visit, as well as the bathrooms. It’s also commonly stated to be a small zoo, so it won’t provide much entertainment for long, especially if you stop by while some of the animals are asleep. Others have mentioned that the variety of animals to see here is a little poor, so it might be a little underwhelming for someone who’s visited higher profile zoos in the past.

With these elements in mind, is the Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail worth a visit? If you’re a local to Athens Georgia, then it’s safe to say that there’s more to like here than anything else. Most of the time, the zoo is clean and well maintained, which says a lot for a zoo with free admissions. If you find yourself planning a trip on an odd weekend, then there might not be a better choice than this zoo.