Georgia Museum of Natural History

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Located at Natural History Bldg, Athens, GA 30602, the Georgia Museum of Natural History is a history museum in Athens, GA. Few museums and public spaces have the prestige and wealth of information associated with them that the Georgia Museum of Natural History does. As one of the most famous museums in the entire southeast, located Athens Georgia, it covers a wide variety of topics including Archaeology, Botany, rocks and minerals, Zooarchaeology, and many more. According to their website, the museum’s personnel is responsible for scientific publications that bring more than $1,500,000 in grants and contracts on a yearly basis.

There’s a lot of reasons why you might find yourself wanting to visit a museum, especially on an odd weekend with nothing to do in Athens Georgia. Museum’s are great places to expand your understanding of the world and science, getting up close and personal with exotic archaeological specimens on display. If you have a family or kids with you, it’s an even better opportunity to not only entertain them, but give them a chance to learn new interests and increase their motivation for school. Of course, not all museum’s will be that fantastic, but if you want to go visit one for any reason, the Georgia Museum of Natural History might be one of your better options.

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The Georgia Museum of Natural History’s beginnings date back quite some time, with it’s origins going back all the

way to the start of the 19th century. In 1801, Josiah Meigs, a UGA professor, began a collection of scientific specimens maintained and curated by him along with some of his students. Historically, the collection was mostly associated with UGA’s library and botanical garden, and over the course of it’s long history, has moved locations multiple times. Later, in 1978, the museum was formally recognized by the university, and was given it’s official name as the Museum of Natural History. Not long after that, the Georgia state assembly declared it a state museum in 1999.

Online reviews have detailed opinions on what you can expect from a visit to the Georgia Museum of Natural History. These Athens locals describe a variety of accounts about the museum, but the overall assessment is that it’s a quality avenue to spend some time at, every once in a while. One reviewed mentioned that the most exciting display is the nature walk in the rear part of the building, which was apparently filled with some of the more interesting content. Others describe that the museum is clean, well organized, and packed with information to examine and absorb during your visit.

There is very little the museum’s ever been criticized for, which means you can expect to have a quality experience for whatever reason you go there. Notably, many people mention that the museum building is quite small, although it’s still loaded with information and displays, so this isn’t inherently negative. With all of this in mind, the Georgia Museum of Natural History is probably one of the most informative and educational places to spend an odd weekend in Athens, GA, which makes it a highly recommended stop.