Hancock County Fairgrounds, Hawesville, KY

Hancock County Fairgrounds Hawesville Kentucky

Located at 1430 KY-1389, Hawesville, KY 42348, Hancock County Fairgrounds are a nice place to spend a weekend in Hawesville, KY. There’s a lot of ways to absorb the rich local culture of Kentucky, from it’s classic cities to it’s beautiful natural sights. One of the best ways to get familiar with the state and the friendly locals who live here, is by going to a county fair. In Hawesville, you have the beloved Hancock County Fairgrounds, which is known for providing family friendly entertainment at a low cost. Here’s what we know about the fairgrounds from locals who have been there before, and what you can expect if you plan a trip.

When the fair is in town, it’s a great way to expend some energy no matter who you are and where you live. Local fairs are an excellent way to experience something unusual, meet others from around the area, and treat your family and friends to a good time. Not every town has the best fairgrounds of course, as some will always be more suitable than others. Hawesville, KY, has the fortune of having fairly well regarded fairgrounds in the Hancock County Fairgrounds.

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Many locals from Hawesville and it’s surrounding area have stopped by to check out the Hancock County Fairgrounds when the fair’s in town, and fortunately they usually leave pleased. The fairgrounds have a good record of meeting it’s visitors expectations, by providing safe, quality fun for it’s visitors. Online reviewers from the area have often described the establishment as being clean, with sufficient bathrooms, having friendly staff, and good pricing. Many have found the fair to be perfect for kids with it’s rides, games and attractions that come all at an affordable price. Parking and seating was also often praised, with most visitors finding a comfortable amount of space to relax in.

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Of course, not everything is always great at a local fair, and there’s some negative aspects to mention of the Hancock County Fairgrounds as well. Many from around Hawesville, KY, have felt that the food at the fair is quite expensive in sharp contrast to the low cost of entry. Other common complaints include long lines for getting stamps at the rides, and some visitors feeling that the rides could be somewhat safer.

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With realistic expectations in mind, you’ll probably have an excellent time by yourself or with your family at the Hancock County Fairgrounds. It’s a popular attraction in Hawesville, Kentucky, and the majority of visitors find that it’s a nice change of pace from their daily routines. Although there’s some room for improvement, it’s safe to say that unpleasant experiences are uncommon here.