Joe Ford Nature Park, Owensboro Kentucky

Located at 3870 W 2nd St, Owensboro, KY 42301 is the Joe Ford Nature Park. Joe Ford Nature Park is another one of the many great park environments available to locals of the Owensboro Kentucky area. It dates back to 1998 and was named after Joe Ford who originally developed an outdoor classroom from the land that became the park. Popular features of the park include the Joe Ford Nature Center, it’s nature trails, picnic tables, and the Adkisson Greenbelt Trailhead. Here’s everything you need to know about the park and what it has to offer you on your next potential visit.

People in Owensboro Kentucky are lucky to have several options for great parks to visit. Many of the local parks are very highly rated by locals and online reviewers, and Joe Ford Nature Park is no exception to this. It’s renowned by locals for having some of the best nature trails in the Owensboro area, with scenic views, undisturbed natural habitats, and plenty of attractive birds that are enjoyed by bird viewers.

Best Place in Owensboro, KY

The staff at Joe Ford Nature Park is noted for being kind and helpful. One reviewer spoke of how they helped them get some bug spray to put on; which helps a lot with the amount of bugs in parts of the trails. The park is very clean and safe, so visitors have little to worry about during a visit in the way of crime, litter and dangerous animals. Along some of the walk paths, there’s exercise stations that provide another thing for visitors to do. These features are somewhat simple, but the focus on nature provides something unique and enjoyable for Owensboro locals.

Great Place to Visit in Owensboro, KY

Common criticisms of the park by local Owensboro visitors are few, but there’s a few common patterns. Most people make quick note of the bugs and mosquitos that are notorious here. Others have mentioned that the trails at Joe Ford Nature Park can get rather muddy and difficult to walk through during the wetter months. Other frequent complaints were that fallen trees blocked some of the paths at times, and that the bathrooms were not always accessible during the COVID lockdown, although the latter should be less of an issue now.

The safe takeaway from this, is that Joe Ford Nature Park is an excellent choice for nature viewing, exercise, picnicking and whatever else you would expect to do at a park. It’s popular with locals in the Owensboro Kentucky area, and the criticisms of the park are often small and quite few. With reasonable expectations, you should not be disappointed by a trip to the park, especially if you visit while the weather is nice.