Legion Park, Owensboro Kentucky

Located at 3047 Legion Park Dr, Owensboro, KY 42303, Legion Park is a park in Owensboro, KY. Owensboro, Kentucky is a place with a lot of heart, and a lot of places to go. There’s a lot of choices for things to do at any given time, and plenty of options for parks. One of the very popular parks in Owensboro is none other than Legion Park. It’s a popular stop for people looking to rest, and for parents with kids as well. Here is everything you need to know about the park, what visitors think about it, and if it’s worth stopping by sometime.

Most Americans don’t place enough value on going to parks. The truth is, going to a park every now and then can be very good for your health and your stress levels. Going outside more often has proven to reduce stress in people, and a light walk can have many positive effects, such as improving your heart health, and the quality of your sleep. Although some cities don’t have many options for parks, one of the benefits of living in Owensboro Kentucky is that there are several quality parks, and Legion Park is one of them.

Best Places in Owensboro, KY

The majority of Owensboro Kentucky locals who have visited Legion Park have great things to say about it, and it’s online reviews rate it highly. The park is nicely segregated into different spaces for different groups and activities, which is a big appeal to the wide variety of people who visit this spot. It features a dog park with separate areas for both large and small dogs; a basketball court for adults, and separate court for children; a walking path; bathrooms; playground and workout equipment.

This park is known for being clean and safe, which gives visitors peace of mind when going there. The playground for children is well maintained, and has new, safe play equipment to prevent children from getting hurt. At Christmas, the park gets decorated with a display of lights and a tree, which is refreshing for visitors at night. Many visitors also make note of the friendly and large population of squirrels you’ll find around the park and it’s walking trails. Because the park and it’s bathrooms are very clean, it’s seen as both an excellent way to expend some energy, or just relax and maybe enjoy a picnic.

Best Owensboro, KY

Although there’s several options for free entertainment in Owensboro, Kentucky, Legion Park is easily one of the best parks in the area. It provides entertainment and other options for almost anyone who would be looking to visit, with none of the problems you might expect to find at a modern suburban park. It’s a perfect place to stop on occasion for a family with small kids, or even a single adult looking for somewhere to relax.