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Located at 12789 IN-66, Troy, IN 47588. Lincoln Ferry Park is more than just a quaint little road stop in beautiful Troy Indiana, It’s tied to the beloved Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. At this very spot, the man who would later become the famous president ran a ferryboat business that operated from Indiana to Kentucky. Today, the park features numerous shade trees, a picnic area and a shelter house, and also features signage that explains the park’s historic connection to the famous president. Here’s everything to know about the park, what real locals think about it, and what to expect if you go there.

Lincoln Ferry Park is a historical landmark located in Spencer County Indiana, at 12789 IN-66, Troy, IN 47588. This park allows campers, but does not provide restrooms, free electricity or grills. Currently, it maintains a four-star rating out of 46 reviews on Google.

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Visitors to Lincoln Ferry Park are often impressed by it’s historic connections to Abraham Lincoln. Many families and teachers love going here to teach their children about the famous president and what his life was like when he operated a business here. The view of the Ohio River is another element that many locals from Troy, IN love about this park, as it provides a wonderful sight to look at while having a picnic there. Many visitors say that the park grass is well kept and one of the nicer parts of the park, perfect for taking dogs to walk on.

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Unfortunately, Lincoln Ferry Park has a lot of problems too. A lot of people from Troy Indiana wish more resources were allocated to the park, as it’s frequently seen as being in a state of disrepair. Younger individuals have been known to frequently loiter here at different times, and park visitors have described finding a wide variety of litter left behind by them such as alcohol bottles and cigarette buds. Many people are also disappointed to find that the shelter house is in very poor shape, with parts that have deteriorated from age and others that have been damaged by the loiterers. According to some individuals, the roof leaks and the prominent fireplace is mostly destroyed.

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Some of that might make Lincoln Ferry Park sound unappealing as a potential park stop, but the truth is that most locals from around Troy, IN find a tremendous amount of value in this park. It’s quaint and has a lot of appeal for it’s relevance to Abraham Lincoln. It’s still very much a worthwhile place to check out when you’re in the area, and many families find it serviceable for their needs. Many people who can recall back to when this park was lined with happy families and campers hope that someday soon it will be restored to it’s former glory.