Locust Grove Louisville Kentucky

Locust Grove, Louisville Kentucky

Located at 561 Blankenbaker Ln, Louisville, KY 40207, Locust Grove is one of the most interesting places in Louisville, KY. While Louisville Kentucky has a rich history, there aren’t many historical sights that compete with Locust Grove for it’s interestingness. Locust Grove is an important location that’s been around since 1790. It’s hosted many historically important individuals, including James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, and Lewis and Clark, among many others. Today, Locust Grove is a National Historic Landmark owned by the Louisville Metro Government. Here’s more on it’s history, and what visitors to the place have thought about it in the past.

The mansion that resides on the massive 55 acre property was originally built by roughly 45 slaves at the end of the 18th century. The Georgian style building was designed by William Croghan, and was the home for the Croghan family. William first arrived in the area while surveying the land with George Rogers Clark as a part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. William Croghan later married George Rogers Clark’s sister Lucy Clark, and built their mansion home on the land they discovered a few years after their marriage.

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In addition to two US Presidents, Locust Grove has hosted many other famous guests. Besides Andrew Jackson and James Monroe, famous artist John James Auburn once visited the estate. A famous duel also took place here, between Cassius Marcellus Clay and Robert Wickliffe, both of whom were prominent figures in the Kentucky area. As well, Meriwether Lewis once visited the estate after completing his expedition of the Louisiana Purchase.

Locust Grove in Louisville Kentucky

Many Louisville Kentucky locals have visited Locust Grove in modern times, and there’s plenty that’s been said about it. Most reviewers are quick to compliment the staff of the museum, who are considered to be very knowledgeable, and nice to speak with. Most visitors found that the venue provided around 2 hours of entertainment, and often recommend using one of their paid tours. Outside of the main house, there’s a few other items of interest at the museum, including other buildings like the slave quarters, historic reenactments, and well kempt gardens.

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Of the many people from Louisville Kentucky who have visited Locust Grove, few have many complaints of any substance. One reviewer did mention that although there was a handicap ramp, the museum grounds lacked handrails and guardrails, which could be dissuading to disabled visitors. Other than that, it’s a well liked museum for being highly educational fun, at a very low cost for a visit. If you’re a history buff, or perhaps someone trying to entertain a family, Locust Grove is an excellent choice for an occasional visit. Even if you’re on a budget, parking is free, as are most of the attractions besides the main estate.