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Located at 1100 Trevilian Way, Louisville, KY 40213 is the Louisville Zoo. One of the perks to living in a bigger city like Louisville Kentucky is having access to more entertainment venues, such as zoos. For both families and wildlife enthusiasts, a quality zoo such as the Louisville Zoo can provide a lot of entertainment. Thankfully, this zoo is well-liked by locals, particularly for housing exotic animals such as gorillas and tigers. Here’s everything you can expect from the Louisville Zoo, and a summary of what real visitors have said about it.

If you have family from the Louisville Kentucky area, they might have some memories to share of the Louisville Zoo as well. That’s because the Louisville Zoo’s been open since 1969, when it was known as the State Zoo of Kentucky. Originally, it was built on land the city had acquired from Ben Collins, and at first featured only 250 animals. Today, the zoo features almost 2000 animals, which reside on 134 acres of land, and serves over 900,000 visitors annually.

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Over time, the Louisville Zoo has kept a selection of famous animals. Scotty the African Elephant, was the first elephant born in Louisville Kentucky, and spent his life at this zoo. Other famous animals that have resided here include Mojo, a patas monkey previously owned by NASCAR’s Tony Stewart, and nearly extinct animals, like the black-footed ferret and siamang apes.

Real Louisville Kentucky locals have had almost nothing but praise for the zoo, which makes the Louisville Zoo a good choice for anyone looking for something to do. The animal habitats are often described as being open and spacious, and most think the animals appear to be well cared for. Events at the zoo are usually regarded as great experiences for families with children. Another popular feature is the waterpark at the zoo, which is also enjoyed by younger audiences. Wheelchair accessibility has also been praised at this zoo, and from the account of someone who visited in a wheelchair, it posed no hindrance to their enjoyment of the venue with their family.

There’s very few negative experiences for anyone to share about the Louisville Zoo. Most Louisville Kentucky locals only have very positive stories to share, although common problems include that the zoo can be very crowded at popular times, and that the zoo can be very hot in the summer months. Locals have complained about the heat since the zoo first opened. The problem’s been mitigated thanks to shade trees that have grown since then, but a few visitors have said there’s still not enough space to take a break, if you need one.

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All in all, the Louisville Zoo is a popular and well regarded place for a few hours worth of entertainment in Louisville Kentucky. Almost all the experiences at the zoo are overwhelmingly positive, and the quality of the presentations are very high. It’s unlikely you’ll regret your choice if you plan a trip there while you’re in the area.

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