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Located at 901 Frederica St, Owensboro, KY 42301 is the Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts. Finding ways to connect with your town and it’s history can be a deeply enriching experience. The Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts in Owensboro Kentucky is one institution that’s doing more to help connect locals to the history of the town. Starting in 1977, this museum is the second largest art museum in the state of Kentucky. Here’s everything to know about the museum, their exhibits, and what you can expect to find upon a visit there.

The Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts is established in a three wing complex, two of the wings are historic buildings from the Owensboro Kentucky area, and are registered on the National Register of Historic Sights. The museum features several thousand items in their permanent collection, which places a focus on world art from around the 15th century to current day. Their contemporary American exhibit features art pieces from several American artists such as Jack Youngerman, and Harry Jackson among others, and goes into great detail on the cultural history of Kentucky from the 19th century onward. More than 500 exhibitions have been featured in their temporary exhibits since the museum began in 1977.

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There’s a lot that locals from Owensboro Kentucky have to say about the Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts, based on their experiences there. Popular aspects of the museum include that admission is free, and they encourage donations of as little as $3 for a visit. One reviewer noted that although the building looks somewhat small, there’s hours worth of content to review inside. The museum’s “kaleidoscope cave” is described as a highlight for families with children. For those interested in folk art, a large amount is on display at the museum’s exhibits, though many reviewers spoke more highly of the stained glass displays.

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There’s not much bad to say about the Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts, although there’s a few common criticisms. Generally, the staff is described as helpful, and polite, although several reviewers have described stories of being monitored to an extent that hampered their enjoyment of the establishment. Other common complaints include that the layout of the museum was confusing, and that the focus on certain displays was repetitive.

Overall, the Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts serves it’s community in Owensboro Kentucky well, and goes to great lengths to help teach the culture and history of the area. While some may feel that the exhibits and displays could be improved, it’s also true that the museum is very cheap entertainment, with no admission fee and donations simply being encouraged. If you have a free day and want something cultured to do in Owensboro, it’s safe to say checking out this museum is an excellent option to have.