Perry County Museum, Cannelton Indiana

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Not many states are as deep rooted in the American experience as Indiana, and Cannelton has a lot to show for that in it’s past. An average visitor, young or old, can learn a lot about the history of Cannelton through the Perry County Museum, located just at the entrance of the City Park. Here’s everything you can expect to learn at the museum, it’s history, and the experience of local visitors who have checked it out in the past.

Many people can live in a town for a long time without truly appreciating the history of the land. A quick and good way to immerse yourself in an area is by visiting a quality museum, such as the Perry County Museum in Cannelton Indiana. Many towns, such as Cannelton, are more unique and interesting once you learn their history, and what makes them the places they are today. Plus, if you’re a history buff in general, you can see how major events impacted these towns in the past.

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The Perry County Museum resides in a two story brick building originally built in 1881, which became the museum in 1990. Originally, the building was built by a local butcher and his wife by the name of Joseph and Mary Broeker Duerr. Originally, the building was used as the Perry County Courthouse before finding new life as a museum almost a century later, where it now collects and documents many interesting examples of life in Cannelton Indiana.

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This is a popular and respected museum, well liked by Cannelton Indiana locals who have visited it in the past. Much of the original architecture has been kept and maintained, making the experience of your visit highly authentic. There’s a good number of exhibits on display that show the history of the area, documenting everything from school items, past industries, pottery, and various other examples of day-to-day life. A popular military exhibit displays items that have been returned from past wars by local veterans. The museum is only open once a week, but makes special exceptions on a regular basis to serve the needs of the community.

If there’s any downsides to the museum, it’d probably be that it’s only open once a week, which can pose limitations on some visitors. Still, it’s very understandable that they can’t operate on a more regular basis, and it’s easily made up for by the regular amount of positive experiences you see in the museum’s reviews.

Overall, the Perry County Museum is a well respected establishment by locals of Cannelton Indiana. It’s a very local museum, but goes a long way to explain the fine details of the area’s history and heritage. If you’d really like to immerse yourself in this area, there’s probably not a better option than planning a visit and taking in some of the more fine details of the town’s history.