Deck Repair Services in South Indiana and Northwest Kentucky.


It’s inevitable that a deck, porch, pergola, gazebo, or patio will need repairs at some point. When the time comes, call The Deck Specialists. Our team can identify where your deck or porch is damaged at, and then restore it to look as good as new.

Call our team now at 812-456-5830 to talk to our specialists about how we can repair your deck.


Re-decking is the process of replacing old deck boards (decking) that are worn out or even rotting. Re-decking is important when you may have an old deck. It’s natural for decking to wear out, no matter how well cared for it is.

Our team has years of training, knowledge, and practice when it comes to re-decking. We use quality wood materials to ensure that you have a high quality deck at a low cost. Talk to us today by calling 812-456-5830 . We book fast, so don’t delay!


Re-railing, like re-decking, is important when you have an aging deck or porch. Our team can install new railing to your existing project. We use real wood materials that allow us to keep the price down to a reasonable level.

Call 812-456-5830 today to discuss your re-railing project. We book projects quickly, so don’t delay in getting your re-railing project scheduled today.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Re-finishing Services:

Our decks, patios, and porches are made with real wood, and are built to last. However, no matter how well it’s built, if it isn’t properly maintained it won’t last long.

While doing the maintenance yourself isn’t hard, sometimes life has other plans. Work, kids, and other chores can mean that you might not have the time you really need to properly care for your deck or porch.

That’s where The Deck Specialists come in. Our team can take care of your deck for affordable rates. Meaning that you’ll have more time to spend doing what you love, while we take care of the rest. Call 812-456-5830 today to get started.

Deck Building:

Decks can be important in a number of ways. If you own a smaller home, plan on staying in your home temporarily, or are fixing up a home to sale, you may still want a deck. However, you may not want to sink in a huge budget on it. That’s where we come in.

Our team takes pride in building affordable decks. We use real wood products when building to keep prices down, while giving you a deck that you can be proud of. Call us today at 812-456-5830 to get started.

Porch Building:

Having a porch adds a lot to your home. Porches add a friendly inviting feel to your home, while also giving the home a finished look. A well made porch allows you to welcome and host guests to your home in a stylish way.

Our team builds porches with the same expertise and care that we put into our decks. We use real wood materials to keep costs down, while keeping the build quality high. If you want to have our team build a porch, call 812-456-5830 to get started now.

Patio Building:

Patios are very popular for many homeowners because they don’t require much maintenance. Likewise, they’re kid friendly, and easy to clean when pets have accidents. If you need a patio installed or built, call our team at 812-456-5830 to learn more about what we can do for you.