Rome, IN Handyman Services

Rome IN Handyman Services

Call The Deck Specialist & More for all of your handyman needs in Rome, IN! here’s always something going wrong in your home or office. Maybe that door doesn’t shut right. The windows are bringing in a draft. You may just need new flooring installed. Who do you call?

Best Handyman Services in Rome, IN

The Deck Specialist & More can handle any sort of general handyman work that you may need done in Rome, IN. Call 812-456-5830 to talk with The Deck Specialist to schedule a visit from our expert handyman today! Among the many different services in Rome, IN that we can handle are:

  • Drywall Installation.
  • Fixture Replacement or Installation.
  • Tile Installation.
  • Window Repair and Installation.
  • Countertop Installation.
  • Gutter Repair.
  • Fascia Board Repair and Installation.
  • Door Repair and Installation.
  • Flooring Repair and Installation
  • Rot Repair
  • Painting
  • Window and Door Remodeling
  • …and much more!

Rome, IN Handyman

Handyman in Rome IN

When you work with The Deck Specialist by calling 812-456-5830 , you can rest easy knowing that any job will be done by some of the best and most capable handymen in Rome, IN. We want to offer the amazing craftsmanship that we put towards the decks we build, for any job you may have! That’s why we’re The Deck Specialists & More! Call 812-456-5830 to get in touch with our team today.

Top Handyman in Rome, IN

We serve all of Rome, IN, including the following neighborhoods but not limited to:

  • Eagle Park Island
  • Oconnor Beach
  • Holiday Point
  • Pleasant Point
  • Limberlost Farm
  • Sylvan
  • …and many more!

Don’t delay! The earlier you call, the quicker our team can get out to you. If you live in the Rome, IN area, call our team today at 812-456-5830 to get started.