Taylor-Grady House

There’s a lot of beautiful historic buildings to find in Athens, Ga, and one fine example of a building with a lot of history behind it is the Taylor-Grady House. Located on 634 Prince Avenue, this house was owned by the famous Henry W. Grady, the managing editor of the Atlanta Constitution. Originally built sometime in the 1840‘s, the Taylor-Grady house is now one of the most interesting historical museums in it’s area, and is also a National Historic Landmark. Here’s everything you need to know about it, and what local visitors have thought about their experiences here.

Athens GA Historic Site

Originally, the home was built in Athens Georgia for General Robert Taylor, a state militia leader and influential individual in several other ways. He owned the building until 1863, when it was purchased by William S. Grady. The house was built on an impressive 3.5 acre property with an elaborate design, done in Greek Revival style. By 1966, the house was purchased by the Athens city government, and was declared a National Historic Landmark ten years later. Now, The Taylor-Grady House is used as both a museum and a rental venue for various events.

Local residents and visitors in Athens Georgia have widely positive opinions on the Taylor-Grady House. A professional wedding photographer spoke of how it’s one of her favorite locations to take photos at for how well it looks as a backdrop. The massive venue is very popular as a rental location for weddings, and most visitors who have commented on the building speak of weddings they’ve attended there. According to these accounts, the Taylor-Grady house is great for it’s stunning looks and garden, having a friendly staff, and being well maintained despite the building’s age.

Best Place in Athens, GA

For the price of $3, you can also visit the Taylor-Grady House and tour the museum at almost any time. While the sentiment here is pretty positive, some reviewers have noted that there’s plenty of other museums to visit in Athens, GA for free. Likewise, you can easily finish a tour of the museum in about 15 minutes, so some people don’t think it’s a very good value for a simple tour. One other story recalled a time when the venue’s appearance was less than stellar, with the garden being in poor shape and noticeable dirt on some of the doors, although this was several years ago.

Will you enjoy a trip to the Taylor-Grady House in Athens Georgia? Odds are, you’ll have an excellent time going here, especially if you know why the venue is so popular, and what to expect. As a museum, it leaves a little to be desired, although the staff and presentation is quite good. As a wedding venue, it’s highly regarded, and likely one of the most popular places to hold a wedding in the area.