Vastwood Park, Hawesville Kentucky

Vastwood Park Hawesville Kentucky

The great outdoors are even greater in Kentucky, and nothing shows that better than this state’s wonderful public parks. One excellent choice for a park outing in Hawesville is none other than Vastwood Park. This park features a number of excellent attractions and amenities, which is why it’s highly rated among the locals from the area. If there’s something you’d like to do at a park, chances are you can do it at Vastwood Park. Here’s everything to know about it’s features and reviews.

Getting to know your local parks is a great way to improve your mood and health, and helps you adjust to the area you’re living in as well. Most Americans sadly don’t get enough exercise, mainly thanks to our modern conveniences such as cars, and the modern office. Because of this, it’s really important you know what options you have when you live in Hawesville, KY. With any city, there’s going to be good parts of town and bad parts too, though fortunately, Vastwood Park appears to be one of the latter.


Best Place in Hawesville Kentucky

Best Hawesville KY park

Vastwood Park provides visitors with a number of features that they’ve come to love it for. It’s a well regarded park among the options you have in Hawesville Kentucky, and local reviewers have plenty of good things to say about it. The park features a large lake that’s perfect for fishing, and provides for something to look at as you walk the trail, or camp. There’s also a baseball field, a playground, a tennis court, and a nearby pizza restaurant that provides something quick to eat while you’re at the park. Visitors frequently report that the park is both clean and highly safe.

There’s very little that anyone could consider wrong with Vastwood Park, though a few local reviewers from Hawesville, KY, have noted some issues. It’s been said by at least a few individuals, that although the park is clean, the bathrooms at the park are oftentimes rather dirty. Another very minor complaint, is that the lake isn’t always the best fishing spot, and fishers will sometimes note that you can’t always catch very much here.

Overall, Vastwood Park in Hawesville, Kentucky, does it’s job very well. It’s a clean, safe park, with sports amenities and scenic spaces for walking, camping and fishing. The worst thing you can say about it is that the bathrooms aren’t always clean, but it’s a small flaw in an otherwise excellent park. If you find yourself looking for a place to spend some free time in Hawesville, this park may be one of the best options in the area.